We are connoisseurs of audio & specialise in making your event sound the best that it can




At Purple Audio we believe in delivering the most accurate and detailed sound possible. Our commitment to audio excellence begins with the width and depth of the audio spectrum, producing as much resolution with as little distortion as possible. The engineering behind Funktion One loud speakers is second to none and is the reason Purple Audio has specialized in them.

Our hearing is arguably the most powerful of all the senses and we can experience a wide range of emotions by only listening, weather it be an alert from a car alarm or your favorite song on your stereo. A clean audio signal can stimulate these senses with feelings of euphoria and happiness or a distorted signal on the other hand can impart pain, dislike or complete disconnection. In other words a sound or music can have a positive or negative effect on us. As technology has progressed over the years from the analog days through to the digital and devices have become smaller and seemingly more efficient, the quality of audio has unfortunately dramatically declined.

Purple Audio’s primary focus is providing an intense musical experience using the best equipment and sound engineering available.


Get in touch with us and find out more about how we can make your next event sound awesome.

Chris Lath

Ph: 0419 234 445
Em: chris@purpleaudio.com.au

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